1. Wrap each item in acid-free tissue paper or foam sheets.

However, if your items are highly fragile and high in value, you may wish to increase the cushioning level by sandwiching your items between 2 EZfoams.

2. Always box up your fragile items. If you have an inner box, place it in before putting into the outer box. Fill the spaces between the inner and outer box with cushioning like Bubble wrap, mic-pac etc. Ensure that there is no movement.

3. If you do not have an inner box, use plenty of cusioning materials (Bubble Wrap ® is highly recommended)  to wrap up the item before placing into the corrugated cardboard outer container.

4. Surround more cushioning materials (Mic-Pac Packing Loose Fills are recommended) on the top, bottom and all sides to limit any unnecessary movement of the item.

5. Close all openings/ seams of the outer box with packaging tapes. (You may either use Clear OPP Tapes or Fragile Tapes or Do Not Accept If Seal is Broken OPP Tapes)

6. Wrapping the box with Brown Papers is optional.

7. Lastly, if your item is bigger than A4 Size, please use a shipping size label to generate the addressee's address and your return address.

8. Postal workers may stick on stickers on the package for routing purpose. To protect the address on labels, we encourage senders to apply a layer of OPP Tape over the Address.

Note: For framed articles, additional cushioing is needed. The front and back should be protected with Bubble Wrap ®, corrugated cardboards and styroform boards to minimize changes of breakage. These cushionings must be larger than the actual size of the frame.