Is Kraft Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Eco Friendly? Reusable?

Geami WrapPak uses a patented process to convert environmentally friendly Kraft paper into a packaging that is an alternative to bubble wrap that protects our products during posting transit. The wrapping system consists of 2 layers. Inner layer is a tissue interleaf paper wrapper that protects the content agains surface abrasion or scratching. The outer layer is the 3D die-cut honeycomb wrapper – designed to act as a cushioning the content.  

And more importantly, they are definitely reusable! At ThePostalSupplies, we kept all the Geami Kraft HoneyComb Wrappers from our incoming shipments. After unwrapping these layers of wrappers, we store them aside. The 3D-hexagonal kraft layer of wrapper remains rigid. The wrappers can be REUSED for our next order. 
To find out more, please check out our video!
Reusing Kraft Honeycomb Wrapper