Terms & Conditions

1.     All local small package will only be delivered into letterbox
2.     Maximum size restriction of 324 mm x 229mm (C4 envelope size) x 65 mm (height)
3.     No liability for Basic Package.
4.     Liability of Tracked Package is at SGD10 per package if it is investigated to be lost during postal transit.
5.     If letterbox is full, a card will be slotted into letterbox for mail collection at the Post Office counter.
6.     SMS notification will be sent to addressee when package is delivered. Please provide a valid mobile number in the system if you wish your customer to receive the notification.

·         Phone number entered must be without any space, hyphen or any special characters, it be can entered as +6591234567 or  91234567

New Postal Packaging Recommendations:

Paper Envelopes
Paper envelopes for Singapore posting
C6, DL, B5, 8x11, C5, C4  
Poly Mailer Bags
Polymailers for Singapore posting
S1, S2, M,
M1 (depends)
Poly Mailer Bags

#M (depends)

White Kraft Bubble Mailers
White Kraft Bubble Mailers for SIngapore Posting
#000, #00, #S5, #1,
#2 (depends)
GoldKraft Bubble Mailers
GoldKraft Bubble Mailers for Singapore Posting
#000, #00, #0, #S5, #1,
#2 (Depends)

Poly Bubble Mailers
Poly Bubble Mailers for Singapore Posting

#1822, #M
Mailing Boxes
Mailing Boxes for Singapore Posting
#000, #00, #2416,
#AP (depends)
Rigid Mailer
Rigid Mailer for Singapore Posting
#C5, #C4