Don't want your packaging to tear during delivery transit? Use Poly Mailers!

Postal workers handle millions of mail volume daily. Buyers egarly waiting for their orders to arrive. May I ask? How can postal delivery ever be gentle?

No further doubt. Sender is responsible to ensure that the package is packed with care and with the correct packaging. Make sure that the Address label doesn't fall off! How to expect postal workers or courier men to deliver a packagae whose address label has fallen off? You need to ensure that the packaging used can withstand machine sorting, human handling and unexpected weather conditions - RAIN!

I am sure you don't want the buyer to receive a torn and tattered package... Why not use a polymailer? Polymailers are light and waterproof! No worries even if the package is dropped into a puddle of water.

disadvantage of using paper envelopes disadvantage of using paper envelopes

Unlike the rough, powdery, smelly and thin polymailers sold in the market, at ThePostalSupplies, we only supply QUALITY polymailers!

Our polymailers are:

  • Smooth Surface
    Yucks! Rough & Powdery surface makes our hands dirty! More importantly, rough surfaces cause address labels to fall off during postal transit!
  • Thick
    Tear resistant and reduces postal theft
  • Odourless
    Eeee....who likes to receive their orders in a foul-smelling packaging?
  • Vibrant Colours
    leaves the Receiver a great impression:)