1. Choose a suitable size of a mailing tube to fit your item.

2. Simply remove one end of the cap from either side of the mailing tube.

3. Roll your document carefully into a cylinder. (Ensure that the cylinder is smaller than the diameter of the mailing tube)

4. Insert the document into the Mailing tube. (Ensure that it is loose enough to avoid damages to the edges of the item). If there is too much extra space, surround the top and bottom of the tubes with cushioning materials (Bubble Wraps ®) to protect the item.

5. Place the Cap firmly to the Mailing tube.

6. You may fasten OPP tapes or Fragile tapes on both ends of the tube to further secure the packaging.

7. Print the address on a suitable size address label on the tube.

8. Postal workers may stick on stickers on the package for routing purpose. To protect the address on labels, we encourage senders to apply a layer of OPP Tape over the Address.