Non-Standard Mail Conditions (Sending of eCommerce items)

Mail items are not acceptable as Standard Mail. Items which are not letters must be sent as small packets. Examples are machine parts, samples, goods and merchandise.

The postage can be found in the local postage rate table (Non-Standard).

Non - Standard Mail includes :
1. Mail items not meeting the Standard Mail Conditions.
2. Mail items containing mechandise, plastic cards,
    bulky items, metal, very stiff and hard or inflexible objects,
    and sharp object e.g. audiotapes, CDs/VCDs/CD-Roms, etc.
3. Odd shaped mail e.g. round, triangle, multi - sided, etc.
4. Mail items in loose plastic envelopes, pillow case envelope, etc.
Mail set or mail with sprocket holes or computer printout.
Mail items smaller than 140mm x 90mm x 0.2mm.
Mail items larger than 229mm x 324mm x 14.0mm.
Mail items with dark intense colours, with background design, patterning or embossing, and with watermark or security printing. Mail in roll form.

Maximum dimensions:

900mm ( length + width + thickness ) with greatest side not exceeding 600mm.
In roll form: 1040mm ( length + twice the diameter ) with greatest side not exceeding 900mm.

Maximum Weight: 2kg.