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Ranpak Packaging

Ranpak Packaging

Ranpak Paper Sustainable Packaging

Ranpak is branded as an environment responsible brand where the packaging material are made exclusively from all natural materials. Ranpak positions itself as a leading provider of environmentally, sustainable, protection solution. Ranpak's products offers protection to the content while reducing environment impact, by replacing traditional petrol-chemical-based packaging with a sustainable alternative - paper. All the papers used by RanPak are renewable, biodegradable and curbside recyclable.

Prevent minor surface abrasions.

Wrapping is often an important element of packaging, providing protection against surface abrasion and minor handling incidents. Geami WrapPak materials safeguard products against these challenges, and they are also designed to prevent damage caused by the internal impacts that can result when several items are packed together in the same container.

Brand: RANPAK Model: 6063
RANPAK Geami WrapPak® EX Mini - Honeycomb Wrapping PaperDimensions: 500 mm x 135 m (after expansion) Eco-friendly Wrapping Solution Small and Compact Kraft Paper Dispenser Box Saves Packing Workstation Space Dispenses Die-Cut Kraft Paper into a 3D honeycomb wrapping paper Offers cushi..
$60.40 $70.70
Brand: RANPAK Model: 6312_ROLL
RANPAK GEAMI BROWN DIE-CUT KRAFT PAPER 250M / 420M EXPANDEDThis is not a refill for Geami Ex-Mini.Single roll of the natural brown Kraft paper Geami roll.Features:Eco-Friendly Honeycomb 3D Die-cut Kraft paper Naturally biodegradable and compostable Recyclable Made from FSC paper Width..
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