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26 Jun 0 142
Is Kraft Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Eco Friendly? Reusable? Geami WrapPak uses a patented process to convert environmentally friendly Kraft paper into a packaging that is an alternative to bubble wrap that protects our products duri..
28 Jan 0 204
We have newly introduced 2 Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable packaging for eCommerce sellers that specialise in sending T-shirts!1) Kraft Paper Mailer Completely made of thick kraft paper materials. It gives the packaing a rustic feel. Just Insert the..
27 Jul 0 381
Guide to to Fold Our Die-Cut Mailing BoxesSelf-Adhesive Poly MailerGuide to to use Kraft / Brown Paper as Cushioning and Fillers in Carton Boxes Packaging for Ecommerce Sellers..
27 Jul 0 208
Tips to pack furniture for moving 1. Clear the items inside the furniture you are moving. Packed the removed items separately. 2.Disassemble any parts that can be taken apart. Legs from tables, headboards and footboards from beds should b..
27 Jul 0 224
Small Packets Postage Rates There will be an additional S$2.50 applicable for international registered article. ..
27 Jul 0 234
Local Postage Rates for Small Packets Maximum Dimension: 324 x 229 x 65 mm Weight Range SingPost Basic Package SingPost Tracked Package 1g to 2000g (up to 2kg) $1.50 $3.00 Postal Packaging Recommendations:..
27 Jul 0 333
We officially offer 3 Payment Options:-(1) Payment by CashFor customers opting for local delivery, we will appreciate if you can prepare the exact cash. Our delivery personnel usually do not have loose change available.  (2) Payment by Che..
27 Jul 0 188
Over the years, we have encountered many cases of items damaged during transit as a result of poor packaging. It's very important that your goods are packed well in preparation for shipments going via regular airmail or any courier service. In an u..
27 Jul 0 346
Local Postage Rates (Letters)Standard Regular Mails (C5/ DL/ C5) Weight Range Standard Regular Mail Standard Regular Mail Registered Tracked Mail 1g to 20g $0.30 (1st Local) $2.54 $2.54 21g to..
27 Jul 0 262
Small Packets Postage Rates effective 2-January-2018 Recommended Protective Cushioning for International Shipping: Bubble Wrap Foam Sheets Air-Filled Bubble Tubes Shredded Paper Fille..
27 Jul 0 171
1. Choose a suitable size of a mailing tube to fit your item.2. Simply remove one end of the cap from either side of the mailing tube.3. Roll your document carefully into a cylinder. (Ensure that the cylinder is smaller than the diameter of t..
27 Jul 0 164
How to self-inflate Air Pillow without using machine? This hack makes it easy to inflate an air pillow bag without a pump. Let me share with you how to inflate an air bag pillow using your own breath, and it's so easy! 1. Slide a straw or ..
27 Jul 0 160
Packing printed materials such as posters, banners, blueprints and even paintings can be a pain! They are either too large or too fragile to be able to fit into regular paper envelopes.Any suggestion? Use Mailing Tubes! Mailing tubes are rec..
27 Jul 0 175
Finding packing pillows a chore?Pillows are big and bulky to pack. No worries, we have Extra-Large Polymailer Bags that you can use to pack your pillows individually.Just insert each pillow into a bag, peel and seal the flap. And it's done!..
27 Jul 0 179
1. If the item fits the diameter of the mailing tubes, you may remove the caps and combine the tubes together.2. Secure the joints of the tubes with OPP Tapes. 3. Wrap the combined mailing tubes with Brown Papers.4. Seal all seams of the..
27 Jul 0 170
1. Wrap each item in acid-free tissue paper or foam sheets. However, if your items are highly fragile and high in value, you may wish to increase the cushioning level by sandwiching your items between 2 EZfoams.  ..
27 Jul 0 168
To keep weight of the package light and waterproof, senders may use our Poly Mailers, commonly known as plastic envelopes.  We discourage the use of Paper Envelopes for Non-document shipment. Please see the following image of a torn and tattered..
27 Jul 0 159
 Don't want your packaging to tear during delivery transit? Use Poly Mailers! Postal workers handle millions of mail volume daily. Buyers egarly waiting for their orders to arrive. May I ask? How can postal delivery ever be gentle?No furth..
27 Jul 0 153
eCommerce Package Security With the burgeoning of the eCommerce industry, there is a need to heighten security to ensure integrity in the postal packages transitted. The packaging has changed overtime -  from the easily torn traditional pape..
27 Jul 0 487
Introducing the Ranpak Geami WrapPak Ex-Mini Ranpak is branded as an environment responsible brand where the packaging material are made exclusively from all natural materials. Ranpak positions itself as a leading provider of environmentally, sus..
27 Jul 0 191
Terms & Conditions1.     All local small package will only be delivered into letterbox 2.     Maximum size restriction of 324 mm x 229mm (C4 envelope size) x 65 mm (height) 3.     No liability for Basic Package. 4.     Liability of Tra..
27 Jul 0 157
Standard Mail (Documents only) Standard Mail refers to the posting of documents only. The postage can be found in the local postage rate table (Letters). Standard Mail Conditions     Letter, printed paper or paper based items in a rectangl..
27 Jul 0 169
Non-Standard Mail Conditions (Sending of eCommerce items) Mail items are not acceptable as Standard Mail. Items which are not letters must be sent as small packets. Examples are machine parts, samples, goods and merchandise. The postage can b..
mabelho 27 Jul 0 254
The Postal Supplies carryies Bubble Wrap® from the original inventor Sealed. As Sealed Air puts it "Nothing Protects Better Than The Original".Sealed Air as the inventor of Bubble Wrap® brand has offered such cushioning protection over 50 years ..
18 Jul 0 276
Check out our latest Shredded Fillers (also known as Raffia Papers) for Easter in Pastal Shades! They're pretty, reusable and recyclable!Light Blue Shredded Paper Fillers:Mint Shredded Paper Fillers:Champagne Rose Shredded Paper Fillers (Crin..
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