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Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4228_200
Extra Light-Weight White Poly Bubble Mailer #S1822Wholesale Price: $0.38 per pc (min.200pcs) External Size: 180x220mm; Internal Size: 160x220 Quantity: Box of 200 Weight: 11gSuitable for IT accessories, Smartphone casings ..
White Poly Bubble Mailer #M (Wholesale) White Poly Bubble Mailer #M (Wholesale)
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Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 1007_100
Extra light-weight Poly Bubble Mailer #M Wholesale Price $0.50 per piece Size: 24 x 28cm Quantity: Box of 100 Weight: 16gSuitable for books, shirts, blouses etc. ..
$77.80 $101.00
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4601_7X
White Poly Bubble Mailer XL (Lightweight) Size: 305x380+45mm flap Inner: 280x380+45mm flap Quantity: 70 pcs per Box..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 1008_40
Lightweight Poly Bubble Mailer XXL (PEARLY WHITE) Size: 370x500+45mm flap Inner: 350x500mm Quantity: Pack of 40..
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