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Rubber Bands & Strings

Rubber Bands, Rafia String, cotton twine

Brand: OEM Model: 4808
BAKER'S TWINE (BLUE&WHITE) Thickness: about 2mm Length: 10yard..
Brand: OEM Model: 4807
BAKER'S TWINE  Thickness: about 2mm Length: 10 yards..
Brand: OEM Model: 4461
Cable Ties Colour: Black Quantity: 100pcs per pack Size: 200mm x 4.8mm (8 inch x 4.8mm)..
Brand: OEM Model: 4302
Coloured Cotton Twine Approx. Weight: 80g..
Brand: OEM Model: 4301
Jute Twine No.404 Polished Jute Twine, approximate 86 gram Thickness: about 2mm..
Brand: OEM Model: 5470
Jute Twine String with Leaves Length: 10 yards (about 9.14m) Uses: Decorative home wall garden Rustic wedding party Wreaths and Flower decor Bridal costume Festival decoration Bead chain Table setting Garments ..
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