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Colour Thin Tissue Wrappers

Try out our thin, colourful tissue wrappers for wrapping your products or use as stuffing void spaces within your packaging box.

We carry various colours and you’ll definitely be spoilt for choices.

These wrappers can be complimented with Thank you stickers to complete the look.

BIG PACK Coloured Wrapping Tissue Papers 50x70cm (17gsm)
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Brand: OEM Model: 6228_BPk
Coloured Wrapping Tissue Papers 50x70cm (17gsm) Quantity: approx. 480-500s per packet Size per sheet: 50x70cm..
Brand: OEM Model: 6213
Coloured Wrapping Tissue Papers (17gsm) Quantity: approx. 20s per packet Size: 50x70cmThin wrapping papers are versatile and and perfect for wrapping gifts and eCommerce products to WOW your buyersBesides using to wrap your products, you may crush them and use them as stuffings within your..
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