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Brand: EXCELL Model: 4295
Excell Carton Tape Dispenser HET-267OPP Tapes sold separately. ..
Brand: EXCELL Model: 6049
[Bundle] Carton Tape Dispenser EC-233 | 2rolls of 48mm OPP Tape [Packing Handy Bundle]Excell Carton Tape Dispenser EC-233Hansman 2 rolls of 48mm OPP Tape..
Brand: EXCELL Model: 4520
Excell Carton Tape Dispenser EC233 Durable design with safer cutting experienceWidth: 50mm (2 inch) Core: 76mm (3 inch)* Comfortable handle * Metal Frame * Natural Rubber RollerOPP Tapes sold separately ..
Brand: EXCELL Model: 4296
Excell Multi-Bench Carton Tape Dispenser ET-227 Multi-track tape dispenser for 2 rolls tapes up to 1 inch wide, 1 roll up to  2 inch wide, 3 inch core. Comes with safety blade cover. Wave-blade cuts tape cleanly and fast.OPP Tapes sold separately...
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