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Poly Mailer #S1 16x22cm + Flap

Poly Mailer #S1 16x22cm + Flap
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Poly Mailer #S1 16x22cm + Flap

Poly Mailer #S1 (C5) Peel & Seal
Quantity: Pack of 100
Size: Approximately C5 (Half of C4)

Suitable for packing small items like IT accessories, iphone/ phone cases, fashion clothes & accessories etc.

Poly Mailers (also known as Mailing Bag/ Postage Bag/ Poly Bag/ Plastic Mailing Bag/ Poly Plastic Envelopes/ Courier Bags/ Courier Mailing Bag) are plastic envelopes. They can be used to mail computer accessories, fashion accessories, clothings and even shoes. Poly envelopes are a great alternative to paper envelopes, as they are lightweight and can waterproof your items.

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