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Eco-friendly alternative to bubble mailer - Corrugated Mailer

Traditionally mailers are lined with inner plastic bubble as a convenient protective packaging. The market has evolved in search of an alternative to plastic bubble lining, which is perceived to be environmentally harmful

Eco-Friendly Padded Mailer

The Postal Supplies is pleased to introduce this alternative into the market, known as Corruglated Padded Mailer / Envelope

Corrugated Padded Envelope / Mailers are 100% recyclable and made of paper inside and out.

Quick Details:

Eco-Friendly Padded Mailer
  • Strong and Rigid: All paper-Instead of a polythene inner, corrugated padded mailers have a protective lining made of corrugated paper which gives the mailer envelope strength and rigidity.
  • Protective: Corrugated padded mailers are are as good as bubble-lined envelopes and protect products just as well. The corruglated flute, wave-shaped parttern of a cardboard, acts as air cushion to effective cushion off impact during package transit.
  • 100% recyclable: Since it is 100% made of paper, it is 100% recyable, hence serving as a Eco-Friendly Ecommerce packaging. 
  • Easy to recycle: Don’t need to separate materials or make a trip to a special plastic recycling point



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