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How to self-inflate air pillow without using machine?

How to self-inflate Air Pillow without using machine?

This hack makes it easy to inflate an air pillow bag without a pump. Let me share with you how to inflate an air bag pillow using your own breath, and it's so easy!

1. Slide a straw or tube through the flap into the valve of the Wonderfil Flow air pillow bag

Insert a straw or tube through the flap


2. Inflate the Wonderfil Flow air pillow by blowing through the straw/ tube

Blow through the straw

3. Done! Please wash and reuse the straw / tube.

An inflated air pillow without using a pump

Fill-Air ® Flow meets the requirements for SPI recycle code ''4'' and can be introduced into the LDPE recycle stream. The materials used are highly desirable by downstream recycling converters and readily used in blown film and injection molding operations.