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Tips to pack furniture for moving

Tips to pack furniture for moving

1. Clear the items inside the furniture you are moving. Packed the removed items separately.

2.Disassemble any parts that can be taken apart. Legs from tables, headboards and footboards from beds should be removed. Remember to keep any manuals on how to assemble the furniture. You may keep them in a ziplock bag.

3. Place any harware or small parts in a ziplock bags. Label the bags to know where the parts belong to. Eg. nuts and bolts for writing desk. Pleae tape the ziplock bags to the respective furniture. Packing tapes or Masking tapes can be used to secure them.

4. Wrap the disassembled furniture pieces and pack them into boxes. Use acid-free tissue, bubble wrap, stretch film, foam sheets to protect table legs, bed rails and other detachable furniture parts. For bulkier parts, please use BIG BUBBLES Bubble Wrap. For electronic part, you may wish to use anti-static bubble wrap. Please the well-cushioned parts into a carton box and label them clearly. Eg. Kid's Writing Desk.
Stretch films may be used to secure drawers, luggage, chairs etc.
* Please do not use stretch film or shrink wrap directly on the sofa; in a humid city like Singapore, it may ruin the fabric or leather.

5. Cover glass table tops with kraft paper or layers of acid-free tissue paper. You may also use newspapers or foam sheets. Secure them with masking tapes for easy removal.