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Polar Bear

Brand: Polar Bear Model: 6048
[Bundle] Carton Tape Dispenser + 2rolls of 48mm OPP Tape [Packing Bundle Buddy]Polar Handheld Carton Tape Dispenser (comes in Green, Yellow)Hansman 2 rolls of 48mm OPP Tape..
Fragile Tape 48mm x 18m
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Brand: Polar Bear Model: 2066
Fragile Tape 48mm x 18mUses of OPP Tapes: Commonly used for carton sealing purposes.Types of OPP Tapes we carry: Transparent OPP Tapes Brown OPP Tapes Fragile OPP Tapes Warning Tapes  ..
$1.60 $2.00
Brand: Polar Bear Model: 3291
Carton Tape Dispenser  OPP Tapes sold separately.90 degree opening for easy loading tape. Size: 48mm with dispenser..
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