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Small Corrugated Boxes

Mailing Tips:

For Overseas posting (via Regular Mail or Registered Mail), the package dimension must not exceed 90cm (length + width + thickness) with the greatest side no longer than 60cm and weighing not more than 2kg.

Our Small Corrugated Boxes; Postal Mailing Box 1, 2 and 3 fit the regular postal dimension guidelines.

Postal Box Size 000 Postal Box Size 000
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Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4114
Postal Box Size 000 Dimension (Outer): L20.5 x W15.5 x H4cm Dimension (inner): L18 x W15 x H3.5cm Weight: 53gPlease click here for wholesale order of Postal Box SIze 000 for min. 1 bundle to enjoy the PROMOTION. ..
$0.90 $1.00
Postal Box Size 00 (XXXS) Postal Box Size 00 (XXXS)
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Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4106
Postal Box Size 00 (XXXS)Dimension (Outer): L20.5 x W15.5 x H6.5cm Dimension (inner): L18 x W15 x H6.5cm Weight: 75gClick here for Wholesale order of Postal Box 00 (XXXS)..
$1.30 $1.60
Postal Box Size 0 (XXS) Postal Box Size 0 (XXS)
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Brand: OEM Model: 3761
Postal Box Size 0 (XXS) Dimension (Outer): (L17.5 x W11.5 x H9)cm Dimension (Inner): 14.8 x 10.9 x 8.7cm Weight: 69gPlease click HERE for wholesale order of Postal Box Size 0 (XXS).  ..
$1.10 $2.00
Postal Box Size 1 (XS) Postal Box Size 1 (XS)
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Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 2811
Postal Box Size 1 (XS) a.k.a. Postpac Carton Size 1 - C1 Dimensions (Outer): (L 22 x W 14 x H 10)cm Dimensions (Inner): (L 19.5 x W 13.5 x H 9.5)cm Weight: 97grams..
$1.20 $2.50
**NEW** Postal Box Size SQ2012 [SQUARE] **NEW** Postal Box Size SQ2012 [SQUARE]
Hot -19 %
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 5826
Postal Box Size SQ2012 [SQUARE]Dimensions (Outer): (L 20 x W 20 x H 12)cm Dimensions (Inner): (L 17.3 x W 18.9 x H 11.4)cm  ..
$1.70 $2.10
Postal Box Size SQ1505 [SMALL SQUARE] Postal Box Size SQ1505 [SMALL SQUARE]
Out Of Stock
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 6362
Postal Box Size SQ1505 [SMALL SQUARE]Dimensions (Outer): (L 15 x W 15 x H 5)cm Dimensions (Inner): (L 14 x W 14.6 x H 4.8)cm Weight: 49grams..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 6240
Postal Box Size SQ2515 [SQUARE] Single Wall RSC BoxDimensions (Outer): (L 25 x W 25 x H 15)cm Dimensions (Inner): (L 24.5 x W 24.2 x H 13.6)cm..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 6364
Postal Box Size SQ2525 [SQUARE] Single Wall RSC BoxFits a regular VolleyballDimensions (Outer): (L 25 x W 25 x H 25)cm Dimensions (Inner): (L 24.5 x W 24.5 x H 23.6)cm..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 6241
Postal Box Size SQ3015 [SQUARE] Single Wall RSC BoxDimensions (Outer): (L 30 x W 30 x H 15)cm Dimensions (Inner): (L 29.5 x W 29.2 x H 13.6)cm..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 5153
Black Postal Box Size #DC-ZS10-B4 About B4 SizeDimensions (Outer): L 378 x W 290 x H 80mm..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 5155
Black Postal Box Size #DC-ZS3-A4 Slightly Smaller than A4 SizeDimensions (Outer): L 300 x W 214 x H 50mm..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 5156
Black Postal Box Size #DC-ZW4-A5 About A5 SizeDimensions (Outer): L 200 x W 140 x H 40mm..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4595
Postal Box Size #2413 Can fit a long tube of toothpaste* Fits Ninja Van's 1st Tier 50cm box size criteriaDimensions (Outer): (L 26.5 x W 14 x H 9.5)cm Dimensions (Inner): (L 24 x W 13 x H 9)cm  ..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 5146
Postal Box Size #DC-ZK4-B5 [B5] About B5 SizeDimensions (Outer): (L 25 x W 20 x H 7)cm..
Postal Mailing Pizza Folding Box Size DC-ZK9
New In Stock
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 5150
Postal Box Size #DC-ZK9 Shorter than long rulerFits 9-inch pizzaDimensions (Outer): (L 25 x W 25 x H 5)cm..
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