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Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4193_10
Moving Box #4833 Double-walled, New Design, Easy-to-Fold, Easy to Carry Dimensions: 48 x 33 x 33cm Quantity: 10pcs per bundle Seal all sides of the Moving Box with OPP Tapes because they can hold the weights better than Masking Tapes. If your items are fragile, you may warn the mover..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4595_25
Postal Box Size #2413 Can fit a long tube of toothpaste* Fits Ninja Van's 1st Tier 50cm box size criteriaDimensions (Outer): (L 26.5 x W 14 x H 9.5)cm Dimensions (Inner): (L 24 x W 13 x H 9)cm  ..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4114-25
Postal Box Size 000 Quantity: 25pcs per bundle Dimension (Outer): L20.5 x W15.5 x H4cm Dimension (inner): L18 x W15 x H3.5cm Weight: 53g  ..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4106-25
Postal Box Size 00 (XXXS) Dimension (Outer): L20.5 x W15.5 x H6.5cm Dimension (inner): L18 x W15 x H6.5cm Weight: 75g Quantity: 25pcs per bundle  ..
Brand: OEM Model: 3761_25
Postal Box Size 0 (XXS) Dimension: (L17.5 x W11.5 x H9)cm Quantity: 25pcs per bundle..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 2811_25
Postal Box Size 1 (a.k.a. (Postpac Carton Size 1 - C1) Dimensions: (L 22 x W 15 x H 10)cm Quantity: 25pcs per bundle ..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 5826-25
Postal Box Size SQ2012 [SQUARE] Dimensions (Outer): (L 20 x W 20 x H 12)cm Dimensions (Inner): (L 17.3 x W 18.9 x H 11.4)cm Quantity: 25pcs per Bundle Click here if the you are not able to review the video...
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4249_25
Postal Box Size #2416 (fits iPad Mini) Dimension (Outer): L24 x W16.5 x H6.5cm Dimension (inner): L21 x W16 x H6.5cm Weight: 86g Quantity: 25 pcs per bundle  ..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 4137_25
Wholesale Postal Apparel Box Size (AP) a.k.a. Apparel Boxes Dimensions (Outer): (L 32.5 x W 21.6 x H 7.1)cm Dimensions (Inner): (L 29.8 x W 20.9 x H 7.0)cm Weight: 167grams Quantity: 25pcs per bundle 1 Apparel Box fits approximately 3 pcs of Polo Tees. Each Apparel Box can fit a pair of..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 2812_25
Postal Box Size 2 (S) Dimensions: (L 32.5 x W 22 x H 12)cm Quantity: 25pcs per bundleA 50% Reduction in Price to $1.50 per piece!..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 2813_10
Postal Box Size 3 (a.k.a. Postpac Carton Size 3 - C3) Dimensions: (L42 x W25 x H14)cm Quantity: 10pcs per bundle..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 2814_10
Postal Box Size 4 (XL) Double-walled, New Design, Easy-to-Fold.Dimensions (Outer): (L50 x W30 x H20)cm Dimensions (Inner): (49.4 x 29.4 x 18.8)cm Weight: 644g Quantity: 10pcs per bundle  ..
Brand: thepostalsupplies Model: 2815_10
Postal Box Size 5 (XXL) (a.k.a. Postpac Carton Size 5 - C5) Double-walled, New Design, Easy-to-FoldDimensions (Outer): (L60 x W40 x H30)cm Dimensions (Inner): 59.4 x 39.4 x 28.8cm Weight: 1139gQuantity: Bundle of 10s..
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