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Loose Fill/ Foam Peanuts

Foam peanuts otherwise known as packing peanuts or loose fills are small and lightweight objects commonly used for packaging. They are often served as cushioning of the items during shipping. Being light and easy to use, foam peanuts are most widely used as cushioning products. Their "peanut-like" shape allows them to interlock one another when they are compressed in a tight space, hence forming a soft cushioning against outer force. 

The producer of Mic-Pac (loose fills) that we carry is a Signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, is dedicated to the three performance goals of Design, Recycling and Product Stewardship.

This includes:

  • Specific joint source reduction initiatives with suppliers and customers including the redesign of Consumer, Secondary and Tertiary packaging.
  • Ensuring waste management is a part of the culture within the manufacturing site and the maximum possible amount of scrap is recycled internally. Any waste not able to be recycled internally is sent for external recycling.
  • Adopting the latest technology for transportation optimization, and continuously improving load and transport efficiencies.
  • Implementing a systematic review of all existing packaging against the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines.
  • Implementing the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines for the design of all new and upcoming products.

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Anti-Static Mic-Pac Loose Fill Packing Foam Peanuts (200g)
Anti-Static Mic-Pac Loose Fill Packing Foam Peanuts (200g)
Pastel Round Cushioning Fillers Foam for Small Gift Box
Pastel Round Cushioning Fillers Foam for Small Gift Box
Mic-Pac Loose Fill Packing Foam Supplies (Bag)
Mic-Pac Loose Fill Packing Foam Supplies (Bag)
$35.00 $29.00