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Fill Air ® Flow Air Pillow System

Fill Air ® Flow Air Pillow System
Fill Air ® Flow Air Pillow System

Fill-Air® Flow is a void-fill solution designed for small businesses, packaging and shipping stores, and any size of ship-from-store operation. The wall-mounted, on-demand inflatable air pillow system fits most spaces and budgets. The solution is a smart choice for businesses struggling with reduced productivity caused by cluttered workspaces, inefficient process, and overpacking. Fill-Air® Flow streamlines workflow and creates consistent packages that prevent damage and reduce dimensional weight.

  • Material Savings: One roll of Fill-Air® Flow plastic film produces the same amount of void fill as 3½ large bags of foam packing peanuts.
  • Space Savings: The compact unit can be easily mounted to a wall or placed atop an optional stand, freeing up valuable work space.
  • Easy to Use: Swiping a hand over the sensor produces the necessary number of air bags for the package size.
  • Two-Level Inflation: Low inflation creates 20 bags per minute and high inflation creates 11 bags per minute.
  • Easy Installation: Plug and go. No training, service contract, or equipment specialist required.
  • Equipment at a Value: The equipment is backed by a one-year warranty with no lease terms or minimal capital requirements. 

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